About Me


I'm Emily, the baker and owner of Sunflour Pies! I'm a wife and stay at home mom to a two year old boy. I am a self taught, home based baker and I absolutely love what I do! All of the pie fillings and crust is made from scratch and all the details are done by hand by yours truly! I have been baking pies most of my life, whether it was with my mom, either of my grandmas, or on my own. I decided to take this hobby and inherited talent and make it a business to help support my small family. I've taken what I've learned from generations of the skilled bakers in my family to not only make my pies taste amazing, but make them look amazing as well! Pies that can be beautiful centerpieces at not only traditional pie holidays, AKA Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday of course), but at events such as bridal and baby showers, parties, and even weddings! All of my pies have their own special flower arrangement on top to help display the delicate and individual details of each one. 

Apple pie totally counts as a serving of fruit...

Thank you to all of my amazing customers and supporters! 

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